Friday, August 11, 2017

Titanomachia: Battle Report!

Fire vs Water! Foresight vs Violence! It was the plucky little Raptor-class Titan the Prometheus hunting the Regent-class Poseidon in the ruins of an ancient city.

I offered my opponent his choice of Titan and his choice of opponent from the pre-set Titans bundled with the beta-test rules. He to face the Regent with the Raptor, possibly to see what changes had been made since the last Raptor vs Regent fight in a previous build was decidedly one-sided. While the Poseidon was immobilized by the Raptor at the cost of one of the Raptor's Medium Buildings, giving me a 2-1 loss, I think it was considerably less one-sided, and feel somewhat that had I used the Poseidon's forward batteries for clearing terrain, and maybe hung back more instead of trying to dance with the more nimble Titan, it would have tipped my way. I probably could have reacted with my Sensors more too, but then my opponent never reacted with his Plasma Jets, so my increased rate of fire might have not been quite as effective as it could have in that scenario.

The game last 84 minutes, and had a few nice moments where we managed to surprised each other, and while the Regent's massive 6 shields seemed invincible early on, concentrating them on the front and sides meant that the back row of Shield Generators in the Regent's System Diagram meant that they, and the Plantigrade Legs they protected, were vulnerable to something small and nippy. In retrospect we agreed that the Regent could probably afford to protect its vulnerable rear with its shields while the thick wall of Ablative Armour on its front soaked up fire.

Notable: There are Laser Batteries and Cannon Batteries and Plasma Batteries, and they're not all Weapon systems. This is confusing and should be changed. Actually this didn't come up during the game, but during discussion of what various systems did when I noted what the Capacitor system does. I think amending "Plasma Battery" to "Plasma Charger" might work best, since it charges stuff. With plasma.

Also Notable: Titans cannot move diagonally between terrain of equal or greater size, but nothing specifically says that they cannot move diagonally between terrain of equal or greater size and a Titan of equal or greater size. I'm inclined to say that they cannot, but it's a situation that needs to be addressed one way or another.
Here's what I had going in.
Here's what I had going in.
My opponent advances into the middle of the board.

A small building blocks my Regent's line of sight as I advance to meet him.

My Regent notices that the enemy Raptor is boxed in by small warehouses.

The Raptor attempts to take cover, and its cover is removed by the Regent's batteries.

The Raptor considers the massive Regent bearing down on it.

The Raptor pounds forward and jumps, outflanking the Regent!

In retrospect shielding all that Ablative Armour was not a great choice.

The Regent attempts to come about to port.

A quick activation of the aft Shield Generators I manage some bum coverage.

The Regent staggers away, but the Raptor easily keeps pace.

The Regent's pathetic rear shielding gives way, and the Shield Generators themselves start to crumble.

In the confusion the Regent stumbles into a blind alley. Does it turn to face its pursuer?

The Regent's aft sections can probably survive a while longer...

Instead the Regent smashes the building blocking its path, and staggers off while the Raptor contemplates obstacles to its pursuit.

Having bought valuable time, the Regent comes about while the Raptor chews its obstacle down to size.

Sufficiently reduced to leap over, the Raptor activates its Plasma Jets and leaps to face its quarry.

The Regent finds retaliation for the attack difficult to deliver.

The Regent decides to go around it.

Caught in the rear again! Shield Generators are destroyed! Shields failing!

Damnit damnit damnit damnit. The Raptor totals the Regent's Shield Generators with its Laser Blade.

The Macro Laser is discharged into the Raptor's frontal Ablative Armour.

Almost dead to rights...

The Raptor decides discretion is the better part of survival.

The Regent destroyed the building obscuring its tormentor with a Macro Gun blast. "Oh shit!" says the commander of the Raptor.

The Raptor goes back on the offensive. 

"Not the ass! Not the ass!"

The Regent attempts to bring its Macro Gun to bear on the Raptor, blowing off its prow Scanner.

The Regent can't seem to shake the Raptor on its tail, chewing away at it with Vulcan Mega Gun and Laser Blade, and the odd punch from an Arm for good measure.

The Regent's tactical officer spots a medium-sized building on Sensors. Using it to guard its flanks, the Regent gives the Raptor a choice of staying put, or crossing in front of its forward batteries.

The Raptor decides to duke it out with the wounded Regent, keeping its demolished face away from the Regent's Macro Laser.

The Regent loses a Leg to the Raptor!

All Shield Generators are destroyed. Not that anyone is going to notice in a minute...

The Raptor uses the Regent's starboard turn to duck under its forward batteries to run for safety.

Actually, the Regent's prow isn't looking all that great either. That loss of Ablative Armour will smart now that the shields are down.

The Raptor comes in and casually slices off the other leg of the lamed Regent. Game over!

The Raptor didn't get away with it scot-free. On the other hand, it can walk away from the fight. 

Game over, my opponent wins 2-1 (3 for immobilizing my Regent, -1 to him for one of his buildings being destroyed, +1 for destroyed one of an opponent's buildings).

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